Big Switch Networks - Newgen Systems

Every time you search on Google, friend on Facebook or start a VM on Amazon, you are using the world's most cost-efficient and most automated data center networks. And those data centres are not using network equipment from the big name network vendors that you are used to.

Some time back, these large data centre users realised it was a lot cheaper and more scalable to buy bare metal (or "white box") switches and write their own switch software using the latest SDN network technology on a Linux kernel. These switches have since been deployed in their thousands, as an in-house solution. Big Switch Networks (BSN) now make that technology available to you as a mainstream product.

Big Switch Networks write the software to make this happen - that's the Big Cloud product. Paired up with a bare-metal switch, impressive savings can be made – without compromising network availability.

Additionally, bare metal switches can make use of BSN's Big Monitoring software to act as a TAP aggregation platform with the added benefits of SDN technology.

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