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Newgen provide a range of managed services, that can be tailored to your needs, around our Visibility, Monitoring, Security, Analytics and Cloud and Data Center solutions

We can help you increase your network and application efficiences, whilst reducing network operations costs and complexity.

The tools and processes for managing complex networks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, expensive and difficult to master.

Skilled IT staff members today are scarce, the technology requirements including understanding continually increase, and recruiting/ training costs are ever increasing.

Adoption by Enterprises of new technologies such as Cloud, Virtualisation, Shared Storage, whilst meant to simplify infrastructure delivery and time to market, has also inadvertently increased the complexity of the end to end application.

Our experienced consultants can build and operate an efficient network and application monitoring solution, that provides un-precedented visibility, into your operational performance across all of the delivery chain.

From capturing the traffic, analysing the transactions, and providing sophisticated reporting and analytics, we can make it easier to understand how your infrastructure is performing, see what customers are experiencing and assist you to deliver your Service Level Objectives.

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