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Operational intelligence is a category of real-time dynamic, business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into data, streaming events and business operations.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence

  • Make decisions on how you manage your business operations in realtime

  • Remediate problems proactively

  • Optimise performance

  • Streamline business process

  • Answer business questions

  • Monitor end-user activity/experience

ExtraHop IT Operational Intelligence

ExtraHop provides real time IT Operational Intelligence with sophisticated transactional analysis. It views the network, web servers, application servers, databases, and storage systems as one integral delivery system and dynamically adjusts to any changes in the IT environment, including application updates and physical and virtual infrastructure changes . ExtraHop uses zero system resources and never perturbs the systems being monitored

What is happening in my environment right now?

ExtraHop equips IT organizations with the operational intelligence they need to proactively identify and fix problems, collaborate more effectively across teams, and support migrations, tuning, upgrades, compliance audits, and IT initiatives.

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Wire Data + Machine Data = The Full Picture

Combine Extrahop's real time wire data analysis with Splunks machine data anlysis to gain a complete view of all your business operations.

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